Contemporary design furniture & home accessories

The functional aesthetics that define YOZA’s pieces are based on an understanding of the connection between structural form and the economical use of materials that provide an enduring and sustainable alternative to throw-away consumer culture with a timeless modernist approach to design.

Get inspired on our website or meet us at the next design fair and choose the next conversation piece for your home from YOZA’s collection. Lightweight and functional yet characteristic and long-lasting furniture that can be integrated into any modern interior and will last a lifetime.

People are different, homes are different. Most of our products are custom-sized, so they fit your home perfectly.
Are you aiming at achieving the perfect harmony of materials and colors? Be part of the design process and use our online product configurator to compile the best combination.
We put great emphasis on the easy assembly of our furniture, however, in case you want to leave it to a professional, we take the burden of browsing the assembly guide and grabbling for parts off your shoulder.
Our products are shipped to our customers by GLS and DHL. After your shipment is dispatched, we send you a tracking number that allows you to track shipping.
About Us

A synergy of fine craftsmanship and digital manufacturing

YOZA was founded by product and furniture designer István Józsa for the design and production of high-quality furniture and objects. István was inspired by his sculptor father at a young age to explore materials and investigate the creative process of making objects. Being a product of gen Y, István grew up during the Internet revolution and the rapid development of CNC manufacturing methods providing an opportunity to focus on small scale production and more responsive communication with his customers. The YOZA products allow for a great degree of personalization with interactive configurations that encourage customer engagement and participation in the design process.

Daniella Koós joined the YOZA team in 2019 as Art Director to add feminine elegance and subtlety to the raw, minimalist style of the brand.