VERTIGO is a shelf system that allows you to build up a vertical construction using the combination of an arbitrary number of plywood or solid wood shelves and four sizes of supporting consoles to get a very light, ethereal yet striking structure.

A special static construction that makes it possible to use playful elements and still get a heavy-duty and stable shelf. Design and aesthetic appearance are results of a static system made clean-cut visible. The spaces between each two pieces of shelves are free to be confgured to meet customer demands. By varying the four different sizes of consoles you can get 24, 36, 60 or 75 cm spaces. (E.g. 24 cm height required for storing DVDs, 75 cm for the HIFI unit or more spacious ornaments)

You can walk around it and use all sides of the shelf system as it can be installed in any point of the room. It is equally accessible from both sides and can be used to divide up space.

ORITABLE is a high stability origami inspired coffee table combining the weightless beauty of folded paper with everyday functionality as a book and newspaper rack.